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Layered Targets

All children in KS1 and KS2 will be given Targets for Reading, Writing & Numeracy every half-term. These are based on the new curriculum that was introduced in September 2014.


The aim of a ‘Layered Target’ approach is to accelerate pupil progress in core strands within these key areas. The ‘ladders’ show progress in these strands all the way through Primary School (from Y1-Y6).


The Class Teacher will highlight a target based on what a child demonstrates independently in class. If a pupil achieves their target during the half term they will automatically continue to work up the target ladder in order to continue to make progress.


The class teacher will share and discuss the targets in class so that children understand what the focus/strand is, knows what their target is (in their own words) and where to look if they forget it.


All children should be able to apply their Reading Target to their individual level of reading book. However, to achieve the age-related target for their year group the targets need to be demonstrated in age-specific texts (e.g. a Y6 child should be able to apply skills to a Y6 level reading book).


A copy of the half-term targets will be sent home so that parents can support their child at home; a copy is also glued into exercise books to be used by pupils during lessons and a copy kept for the teachers’ records.


Each half term a different set of targets will be assessed.At the end of the half term the Class Teacher will decide if a child has met their target. At the start of every half term a set of new targets will be sent home. At the same time a certificate will be sent home to inform parents of the progress they have made towards their previous targets. The certificates will tell parents if their child is still working towards their targets; have met their targets or have exceeded their targets. It is important that all children have their hard-work recognised.


If you have any queries regarding your child’s Layered Targets, please arrange to meet with the Class Teacher.


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