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The Primary School of St Mary and St MartinLet your light shine – Matthew 5:16

RE & Collective Worship

Collective Worship is an important part of the school day.  It takes place in the hall, this is led by our Class Teachers. On Friday, we have a reward and recognition collective worship.


Every other Tuesday Reverend Tim Stanford comes into school to lead our Worship. 

We have class reflection books and reflection areas that give the children a chance to think about things we have discussed during worship.


In KS2 all children have a reflection book.


On some special days, we may have Collective Worship at the Church, eg Remembrance day, Easter service


Our Collective Worship is based around our values

Autumn 1    RESILIENCE

Autumn 2    PEACE

Spring 1       RESPECT

Spring 2       FAITH

Summer 1    KINDNESS

Summer 2    HOPE


We use Bible stories, famous and inspirational leaders, events, simple quotations, music and drama as part of our worship and we invite visitors to come and lead assemblies taht also help to educate and inspire our children. We have some class Collective Worships where we invite parents and carers to join us.

 we always start our collective worship by lighting a candle and saying ;'this is the light of Christ, let it shine through me' and we end our worship blowing out the candle and saying  'although the darkness comes, the Lord will never leave us.'


Our school song is 'The Little Light of Mine'.


Our School Prayer


Loving God

Thank you for our school.

Help us to learn, share and play together

So that the wonderful world you made

Becomes more beautiful each and every day.