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The Primary School of St Mary and St MartinLet your light shine – Matthew 5:16


Overall, the attendance at The Primary School of St Mary & St Martin has been above the Government’s floor standard of 95%, and is therefore considered to be ‘good’. However, we would like to improve our whole-school attendance and have set a target of 97% attendance.  This is our aim for every child in our school.


For several years we have maintained an attendance percentage of between 96.0 - 96.9%, but last year we noticed a slight decline, with an overall attendance of 96.2%. We have also noticed an increase in the number of requests for holidays to be taken during term-time.


Despite the recent media coverage of term-time holiday legal cases that have gone to court, the current Government policy has not changed, and we have been advised by Nottinghamshire County Council to remind parents/carers that term-time holidays will not be authorized by school and can have a significant impact on a child’s progress within an academic year.


It is also important that parents are aware that the Department for Education considers any individual pupil attendance at 90% or below as ‘Persistent Absence’ and a cause for concern.


All absences are included in data produced both by and about the school – there is no distinction between illness, authorized absences and unauthorized absences (including family holidays). However, it goes without saying that if a child is genuinely unwell then they should be cared for at home. We also recognise that some children have medical conditions that require absence during the school day, particularly for medical appointments that only run during working hours.


Please do not hesitate to contact school if you would like to discuss your child’s attendance further.