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The Primary School of St Mary and St MartinLet your light shine – Matthew 5:16




As you are aware September 2014 saw the introduction of the new National Curriculum for Primary Schools.


It also marked the end of the assessment levels that schools had been using to measure and track pupil attainment and progress. This was a national system (used by primary schools across the country) which gave children a level (number/letter) which had an equivalent point score.

e.g. By the end of Y2 an  average child should be a 2b (15 points)


This system enabled schools to compare APS (Average Point Scores) for each year group and to analyse the ‘points progress’ children made each year.


The removal of these standardised levels has meant that new assessments are called ‘ASSESSMENT WITHOUT LEVELS’.           


The Government did not replace the old levels with a new national system of assessment and tracking, but gave schools the freedom to develop their own.


Some schools have bought into systems that have been developed by educational companies. Many schools have developed their own system, working in partnership/ collaboration with other schools (e.g. within a family or region).


Some schools are using a system using a similar point score system to the old APS, as this was what staff and parents were familiar with.


We hope that this section of the website will inform parents and carers of how we will assess and track your child’s progress while they are at St Mary & St Martin.

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