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National Assessments


  • From September 2016 it will be a statutory requirement for schools to use a Baseline Assessment package that has been licensed by the Government. This will form the benchmark for a child’s progress all through primary school.
  • There is no national standardized baseline that schools must use; schools are free to choose from selection licensed by the government.
  • We have chosen Early Excellence with many other Bassetlaw Schools, which includes adult observations of children and not just 1:1 assessments.



  • This national screening assessment takes place in June, with all Y1 children completing the same assessment which assesses their knowledge and understanding of phonics (letter sounds and combinations).
  • The assessment is completed in school by the Class Teacher and on an individual basis with every child.
  • In previous years this has been marked out of 40, with 32 being the pass mark.


Y2/Y6 NATIONAL TESTS  (replacing old SATS assessments)

  • Testing in 2016 includes:
    • End of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) tests during May 2016.
    • End of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) tests week commencing 8th May 2016. 
      • ​Year 6 may also be selected for Science Sampling which will take place between 6th and 17th June 2016.
    • Year 1 Phonics Screening Test week commencing 12th June 2016.
  • These new tests are based on the cohort expectations and programmes of study for the new curriculum.
  • They will give each child a score (not level) that can be compared across different schools.
  • Class Teachers are able to look at draft test papers to help them prepare pupils for this new style of summative assessment.
  • All relevant staff will receive training from Nottinghamshire County Council to ensure that they have a good understanding of how the tests are administered and what good practice is.
  • We will have information meetings for parents of pupils in Y2 and Y6 through the year, so that parents are aware of what these tests involve and how they might be able to support their child prepare for them.